Dive Into Life (WVOX Radio) – Diveheart Radio Interview

Diveheart (with featured guest Rosemary Ciotti) – Radio Interview

Dive Into Life (WVOX Radio)

“Dive Into Life” is live every Thursday from 4-5 PM on 1460AM and worldwide at WVOX.COM. Join us and explore our deep “dives” into all that is life!

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Diveheart’s Jim Elliott on Steve Cochran Show (WGN Radio)

Diveheart: Diveheart works to build confidence, independence and self-esteem in children, adults and veterans of all abilities through scuba diving, scuba therapy and related activities.

Diveheart’s founder, Jim Elliot, joins the Steve Cochran Show to talk about the incredible things that they are doing at Diveheart.

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WGN Radio Interview with Gabe Spataro – Diveheart (Audio)

WGN Radio Interview with Gabe Spataro – Diveheart (Audio)

Steve Cochran Show, WGN Radio, Chicago

Steve Cochran interviews diver, disabled veteran and local legend Gabe Spataro. Diveheart’s Jim Elliott also joins in.

Watch video on Youtube.

ESPN – Beyond Sports Interview w/ Diveheart

Hannah Stanley interviews Tinamarie Hernandez, the Executive Director of Diveheart, on the Beyond Sports program on ESPN 1000. The interview was on September 28, 2014.

The Blind Sport Podcast – Blind Scuba Diving

Jim outlines the objectives of Diveheart and shares his experiences of how diving has positively effected people with a variety of disabilities and of a wide range of ages. He explains how with adapted training and technology, how totally blind, partially sighted and deafblind divers can pursue life-changing under water adventures.

Listen to more podcast episodes on the Blind Sport Podcast website.