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My name is Ashley and I am 27 years old. I first got introduced to diving and Diveheart in 2008. From the very first time in the pool, I knew this was definitely for me. It felt amazing and freeing. I have cerebral palsy and when I’m in the water I feel better. Like I’m freed from my physical challenges.

Additionally, I am blind. But using the special mask for diving, I can see things much more clearly underwater. The colors are more vibrant and the sea life is very beautiful.

After diving in the pool a few times I decided to get certified as an open water diver. In August 2008 I went on my first life changing scuba trip to the Florida Keys with Diveheart.

I couldn’t believe I could dive in the ocean! The sights on the different dives were so amazing. My last dive of that trip was an hour long; one that still sticks out in my mind years later. By the end of that life changing trip I was an certified open water diver.

I was so used to people that would struggle to see past my disability and see me as just a normal person just like you. But with Diveheart that was never a problem. They saw me for me and not my differences. They have always told me I can do something instead of you can’t. They call it the can-do spirit.

They helped to make me a brave, courageous, independent, strong, out-going person.

They changed the way I see myself. I will never be the same.

I look forward to every opportunity to dive now.

Who would have known that one night just trying diving in a pool would take me on such an adventure and change my life forever?

Written by Ashley Hoffman from Channahon, Illinois

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