diveheart seniors training


Schaumburg, Ill.
By Erin Ivory, WGN9

Most senior citizens will do just about anything to avoid being hooked up to an oxygen tank, but 91-year-old Velma Robinson and her friend Helen signed up for it, donning goggles, fins and a 45 lb. oxygen tank to try scuba diving for the first time.

“I just can’t see people sitting in their rooms watching TV when they can get out and enjoy life!” Velma said.

For years the friends have played water volleyball at their Friendship Village Retirement Community, but decided to go big and try scuba diving this week.

“I’m gonna wait to see the reaction of my kids! They’re afraid I’m losing it anyway,” Helen laughs.

The lessons were provided by Diveheart, a local organization that aims to get anyone who wants to dive breathing underwater, regardless of age, disability or condition.

“We’ve had people just from the first pool session, who end up taking on challenges that they never would have taken before because now they go, ‘If I could scuba dive, I could do anything,’ which is really cool”, Diveheart founder Jim Elliott said.

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