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Life-Changing: Gain a whole new perspective of volunteering with Diveheart’s Sarah Repka

Hinsdale Magazine
May 2019


The “Diveheart ripple effect” is used to inspire people of all abilities to “imagine the possibilities” in their lives. Sarah is the exemplification of this effect. She humbly takes the unrealized human potential that exists in people with disabilities, and she helps create a paradigm shift in the lives of children, veterans and others with disabilities. Her touch inspires them to transform from Johnny or Jane in the wheelchair to Johnny or Jane the scuba-diver. This new identity builds new confidence, independence and self-esteem, which helps them take on new challenges and helps them focus on what they “can do,” instead of what they “can’t do.” If Diveheart could clone Sarah Repka, and spread her love and caring nature, it would surely make the world a better place.

In retrospect, I was drawn, because my daughters were becoming more autonomous, while preparing to leave home for college, and I needed to fill the void created by their growing independence.

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