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Hinsdale Magazine, November 2019

Q: How did you first hear about Diveheart?
I heard about Diveheart through the Aurora Vet Center. I was going there for readjustment counseling and was told that I might enjoy the Diveheart Scuba Experience (DSE) event that was being held nearby. This was in the Spring of 2017.

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Q: Can you tell us about your abilities?
I retired from the Marine Corps in 2010 after 22+ years of combined Active Duty and Reserve service, including deployments for Desert Storm and three deployments for OIF / OEF. I also spent 24 years as a police officer in Naperville. The combination of these two professions resulted in the onset of depression and anxiety as well as several other physical limitations caused by multiple injuries during my times of service.

Q: Can you tell us how Diveheart activities have helped you?
I started diving in 2017 with Diveheart, and since then, I have attended around 20 different diving events, including a trip to Key Largo, Florida in June of 2019 where I received my Open Water Diver certification. Through Diveheart … [more]

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