Naperville Youth Artist Creates Meaningful Art for Downers Grove Nonprofit, Diveheart


Naperville Youth Artist Creates Meaningful Art for Downers Grove Nonprofit, Diveheart

Downers Grove, IL – June 21, 2023 – Sarah Wang, a talented sophomore at Naperville North High School, has utilized her artistic skills to create a captivating four-part bookmark series featuring original artwork. The purpose of her creation is to promote the important work of Diveheart, a renowned nonprofit organization based in Downers Grove.

Diveheart, an international tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, is dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities through the therapeutic benefits of scuba diving. Headquartered in Downers Grove, IL, Diveheart’s mission revolves around building confidence, independence, and self-esteem in youth, adults, and Veterans facing disabilities. By leveraging the power of scuba diving and the concept of zero gravity, Diveheart empowers its participants, demonstrating that if they can scuba dive, they can conquer any obstacle.

Sarah’s introduction to Diveheart came through a family friend, and she quickly discovered that the nonprofit’s mission deeply resonated with her. She remarks, “Scuba diving is an extraordinary and empowering activity, and witnessing how Diveheart utilizes it to help individuals overcome physical and emotional barriers while fostering confidence and independence is truly remarkable. I am inspired by Diveheart’s commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.”

Motivated by her admiration for Diveheart’s cause, Sarah decided to create a series of bookmarks as a practical and impactful way to raise awareness for the nonprofit. These bookmarks can be easily shared within her school community, public libraries in the Chicago Suburbs, and the Diveheart Outreach Center in Downers Grove. Sarah expresses her hopes, saying, “I aim to spread awareness and inspire others to support Diveheart through the distribution of these bookmarks.”

Each bookmark within the series showcases captivating imagery, highlighting Diveheart Adaptive Scuba Divers, Dive Buddies, and animals from Japanese folklore, symbolizing the inspiring qualities exhibited by the organization and its participants. Sarah provides insight into her artwork, explaining, “The Japanese mythological creatures represent the diverse values upheld by Diveheart. The crane symbolizes peace and healing, the fox embodies wisdom, the dragon exemplifies courage, and the koi fish embodies perseverance.”

Diveheart Founder and President, Jim Elliott, expresses his appreciation for Sarah’s dedication and initiative, stating, “Young people like Sarah are the future of Diveheart. When they make a commitment to service like Sarah has and really put a plan into action to help others like she did, it makes my heart smile. When someone creatively gifted like Sarah utilizes their talents for good to help others, there is a ripple effect that inspires those around them in their community. And sometimes beyond. That is truly the power of giving.”

Sarah’s remarkable artistic talent and dedication to the cause have resulted in a visually striking bookmark series that captivates viewers while promoting Diveheart’s mission. Through her initiative, she hopes to garner support and encourage individuals to contribute to Diveheart’s impactful work.

For media inquiries or to learn more about Diveheart and Sarah Wang’s artwork, please contact:

Media Contact:

Name: Jim Elliott

Phone: 630-964-1983

Email: Jim.Elliott@Diveheart.org

About Diveheart:

Diveheart is an international nonprofit tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in Downers Grove, IL. With a commitment to utilizing the therapeutic benefits of scuba diving, Diveheart strives to instill confidence, independence, and self-esteem in individuals with disabilities. By offering transformative experiences through scuba diving, Diveheart empowers its participants, showcasing that they can overcome any challenges they face. For more information, visit www.diveheart.org.