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The Diveheart Education & Research Facility

The Diveheart Education & Research Facility will stand as a beacon of innovation and exploration in underwater education and discovery. Within its walls, a dynamic hub will converge science, medicine, education, and passion to unlock aquatic mysteries.

The Diveheart Deep Pool Project, an ambitious initiative, aims to revolutionize therapeutic possibilities for all abilities, creating the world’s deepest warm water therapy pool. Housed in the Diveheart Education & Research Facility in the Chicago Suburbs, this hub will prioritize inclusivity, serving as a transformative space for those with physical and cognitive challenge to experience adaptive scuba therapy.

With a patented pool design, the facility will be committed to sustainability, employing a net-zero approach for minimal environmental impact. Beyond a pool, this visionary project will seek to build a global destination for scuba therapy, offering vocational opportunities and fostering community and empowerment.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we dive deep to make a profound impact on the lives of those seeking therapeutic benefits through underwater experiences!

For donations by check, please make payable to ‘Diveheart’ and mail to
900 OGDEN AVE. #274, DOWNERS GROVE, IL 60515.

Unlock the potential for positive change by scheduling a meeting with Diveheart. Our team is eager to engage with potential sponsors and donors, providing comprehensive insights into the groundbreaking Deep Pool Project and the impactful initiatives of the Diveheart Education & Research Center.

Contact us: 630-964-1983 | info@diveheart.org

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